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August 2020 Blog: 3rd Party Real Estate Apps for Property Search

What should you know about Zillow.com, Redfin, Realtor & other real estate for sale apps?

They are popular smartphone apps & websites with good marketing – true! But here’s something you need to know.

If you love to browse, look for fun or you are looking 1+ years down the road, they are great. But if you are at all serious about buying your ideal home, beach house, rental property or place to retire, you need to contact a licensed realtor. Preferably you contact me, Danny Taglienti, or urge your friend or family member to get in touch with me   I will put you on what we call 24/7.  What is that – it’s simple & quick and it comes to your email, so you can still look from your smartphone or device. I ask a few questions about what you want in a property. I put that into our MLS system with your email address. You will receive an introductory email to log into our portal.  You do that then you are set and you will get emails to the actual MLS listings in real time that fit the criteria I entered for you. It has everything – all the pictures, description, fees & price. If you see a property or a few you’d like to see then contact me. The system sends the real estate property listings directly to you. Currently, we are in a low inventory situation, so properties can go pretty quickly. Therefore, I can save you a trip if necessary and do a tour by FaceTime. Since COVID-19, there are more listings that have virtual tours in addition to pictures. Of course, if you can react quickly & come here then I would schedule the showing(s).

I won’t call, text or email you every time a property comes on 24/7.  If you have questions; want to see a property or change your criteria by increasing price, add “water view”, etc. then you can contact me.  The facts are these 3rd party real estate apps / websites are NOT as up to date as the actual MLS. They simply can’t be because their listings pull from us! The result for you or any person looking on these apps, is that often times the property address you give me is already under contract or off the market. I previously mentioned we are low on inventory so properties can go quickly but also certain properties because of rarity of a popular building or community having properties for sale they can go almost immediately as well.  So the moral of this story is, the delay the real estate apps have can directly affect you if you are looking to purchase now.  If you’re not, then carry on.

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