Buying a Property

Home Buying Essentials

Finding an Agent – Three characteristics that are essential.

1. Do they know the market or neighborhoods you are interested in?

A solid Realtor should be able to give you stats and info that are imperative to your decision making process.

2. Do they have a solid list of professional resources?

Realtors should have list of professionals that can help you before, during and more importantly after the sale.

3. Do you have an instant positive feeling, do you click?

This matters because when you feel comfortable with your agent, at times blurring the line between feeling like a friend vs. a professional it makes a difference. You want someone you trust, who gives you his/her time whenever you need it. This helps make the buying experience more pleasurable with this higher level of trust & comfort. You feel at ease to ask questions you may not with another agent. Also, take into consideration that this is a long process and it is also a serious & financial one! You are not buying a loaf of bread, so to feel at ease with your realtor is especially important!

Getting Pre-Approved

This is really crucial. Some buyers miss the boat on this which leads to disappointment and starting the search over.  This can have a cascading effect because of the time spent on a property that you find out you don’t qualify for meanwhile the properties in your price range may go under contract. A Pre-Approval lets you & your agent know what you qualify for – giving you the top dollar amount. This allows you to look at properties that fit your budget.

Home Prospecting

Find the right neighborhood or setting your wants/needs/desires.  ie. closer to the beach, in a community with amenities, closer to a new job, etc.

Does your Agent know your criteria?

Are there HOA/Condo fees and what do they cover?

Are there amenities and do they come as an additional cost?

Are there specific rules that will hinder your properties use as per your needs?

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