Selling a Property

Tips Before You Sell Your Home

1. Consider a Pre-Inspection – (depending on age of home) Nothing kills a sale more than a long list of repair items. By having your property inspected first, you can take care of repairs made prior to the listing.

2. Paint – Touch up or repainting is necessary, as the house will look cleaner and smell better. If you have bold and/or different colors in open & common areas, consider one neutral tone.

3. Declutter – This is one of the most important items. Once you declutter, do it again!

4. Clean – Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than a dirty house.

5. Pictures – This may be your home, but you would like it to be their home. So by removing personal photos, picture shrines, potential buyers are not distracted by seeing you & your family there and now free to imagine them & their family in the home.

6. Outdoors – you’ve heard of “curb appeal”. Spruce & clean up the front of the house, condo entrance, what-have-you. If you also have an outdoor space, take care of that area too.

7. Photo Shoot Ready – You’ve decluttered & cleaned, but there are everyday items that need to be put away for a clean photo shoot: think tissue boxes, bedside books, dish soap, robe on bathroom hooks, etc.

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